RandomSoleEncounters – “I Don’t Like The Nylons!” – Emily’s 1st Nylon Tickle – Nylon and Bare!

My super ticklish friend Emily (27yo, 5’9, size 7 shoe) has returned! This time I get her out of her Doc Martens and into heels and nylons.

If you missed Emily’s 1st ever-tickling experience, check it out here:

Emily’s Explosive Intro to Foot Tickling! – “I may have been bluffing!”

Emily told me she was a “5” on the ticklish scale but we quickly learned she was lying. She has extremely ticklish feet and a fantastic laugh!

I had her put on a pair of nude nylons and locked her in the stocks. I didn’t tell her nylons are supposed to make you more ticklish until I had her in the stocks. You can see her reaction to this news in the clip!

I start by tickling her feet while they are still in her shoes. This gets a good reaction (as I expected) but I was ready to get the shoes off and see how much more ticklish the thin nylon fabric made Emily’s already ticklish feet.

The answer? Very ticklish!

Emily even repeatedly says, “I don’t like the nylons!” between her laughter.

For you barefoot fans, about halfway into the clip I snip the toes of the nylons off so we can compare her barefoot to nylon reactions. Emily’s feet are so ticklish that she can’t stand either!

The more I tickle the more hysterical she gets!

I think it was a successful introduction to nylon foot tickling for Emily!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “I Don’t Like The Nylons!” – Emily’s 1st Nylon Tickle – Nylon and Bare!

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