RandomSoleEncounters – Double Tickle FEETure – Russian Friends Get Nylon Foot Tickled!


This features Russian Model M.L. and her friend Ana who was traveling with her. Neither of these models speaks much English so there isn’t any talking, just them laughing!

This is the 1st time either model has been tickled in nylons.

M.L. is up first and is wearing nude nylons. M.L. is a beauty from head to toe, it’s fun to watch her try and keep her composure as I go from light tickles to heavier tickling with different brushes. M.L. starts with light giggles that gradually increase the more I tickle. The hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes get good reactions and make M.L. laugh. I cut off the toes of the nylons to compare bare and nylon and see what gets her best.

Next up is Ana, she is wearing black nylons for her tickling. has very ticklish feet and laughs anytime I put a finger on them. Anything I use on her tender nylon-clad soles makes her throw her head back and laugh. The hairbrushes and silicone scrubber send her into laughter though. I clip off the toes of her nylons too and get some bare and nylon tickling in. Which do you think tickled her more?

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Double Tickle FEETure – Russian Friends Get Nylon Foot Tickled!

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