RandomSoleEncounters – Corporate Chuckles – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling!

Isn’t it fun to watch a normally stoic woman squirm? If you said “Yes!” then this clip is for you!

Erica worked in the corporate world for many years. She’s used to handling high-pressure situations and keeping her cool. She’s an expert at keeping her composure and staying professional. She’s also quite beautiful!

I’ve been trying to get Erica locked in my stocks for over 2 years!!! The world of fetish modeling is not for her. She’s very straight-laced and serious. That combined with her corporate job (I don’t think her company would be too happy to find her fetish modeling on the side) made it a 0% chance of it ever happening.

But persistence does pay off!

Erica left her corporate job to pursue other goals in life. So this was my best chance of getting her to model for me. If not now, then never.

I think I’ve asked Erica to model for me over a dozen times. We even talk about this in the video. So when she finally agreed I was very surprised. But she didn’t need to tell me twice! I made this tickle session happen ASAP!

This clip has a very “behind-the-scenes” feel. I let the camera run from start to finish so you see me introduce her to the stocks, lock her in, and put her in the toe-ties. All of it. There is a lot of talking and joking around between us too.

Erica doesn’t believe she is very ticklish. She told me she was a “5” on the ticklish scale. And for a few minutes, I thought maybe she was right and she wasn’t that ticklish. I could tell she was ticklish, her feet and body were tense and she would jerk and squirm when I tickled her feet. She did a good job of remaining calm and holding in her laughter at the start.

But once again – persistence does pay off!

It takes some time to crack this stoic corporate woman. But I find the right tool and technique! Oil on her soles started to get her to crack a little bit but she still maintained her composure. But she could only hold it in for so long and the electric toothbrush on the toes was too much for her! Watching her finally crack was a joy! And once the laughter-gate was open it continued!

The electric toothbrush, hairbrushes, and scrubbers work wonders on Erica’s soles.

Erica starts to squirm, giggle, and laugh! She even begs me to “Stop!” between her laughs! Not something I expected from her!

This was an enjoyable tickle session for me and it’s just the 1st part! Now that I know what makes Erica laugh I can dish out the tickling!

Length: 11:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Corporate Chuckles – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling!

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