RFStudioProduction – Kelly Upside Down – Tickling Oiled Body and Crotch + Ice and Wax on Belly in Arc Position

Part 1. Kelly hangs upside down with her legs and arms tied

She’s already hanging upside down with her legs apart. She is dressed in rags – a punishment awaits her.
I go over and pull the clothes off, exposing her sculpted body and breasts. Then I tie her hands.
Now I will tickle her sides and armpits enjoying the spectacle. A little later, I’ll take the whip and play with Kelly. Now I take some oil and lubricate Kelly’s stomach. I massage her big navel and tickle her body. Kelly moans and laughs.
Then I take Wartenberg’s pinwheel and run it between Kelly’s legs and across her buttocks. Then I run it over her body.
Taking an electric brush, I begin to tickle Kelly’s entire body and armpits. Then I take the ice and melt it on Kelly’s hot body.
I pull back her panties and tickle Kelly’s pussy, which is already wet from the ice. Kelly had a pretty hard time so we ended the first part here…

Part 2. Kelly lies in the arched position. Tickling and punishing her navel

The overhead view shows Kelly lying on a table with her belly up and her arms tied to her legs. I will tickle her body and bite her navel. Kelly bursts out laughing and I continue. I oil her body and navel and slap her belly with a big paddle and then I take a whip and swing it over Kelly’s body and breasts, brushing the tips of her nipples.
Then I take the ice and play it on Kelly’s belly. It slides and melts making Kelly wet. Next, I give Kelly an intense tickle again.
I apply a padle, a sharp roller, and a comb on her belly – tickling her skin.
In the end, I take a candle and drip black hot wax on Kelly’s navel and stomach – Kelly is already tired and moans from every drop. I remove the candle and finally tickle Kelly over her body and sides.

Length: 30:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kelly Upside Down – Tickling Oiled Body and Crotch + Ice and Wax on Belly in Arc Position

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