RandomSoleEncounters – Krystal Tries Tickling – Chef Hannah’s Big Step-Sister!

First off, if you didn’t notice, Krystal is very pregnant!

Do you remember Chef Hannah? Meet her big step-sis Krystal! I’m sure you can see the resemblance, they even have similar shaped feet and lucky for us ticklishness runs in the family!

Like Hannah, Krystal is a good friend of mine. I’ve never tickled her before but she knows all about my fetishes and that I make clips. She’s always been amused and somewhat confused about my love of tickling and feet.

Krystal is in her early 30’s now. She and her husband are both very successful real estate agents.

Krystal and I have been talking about doing a maternity photoshoot. She wanted it so bad that she and her husband traveled from several states over to have it done, they decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.

I had no intentions of tickling Krystal over the weekend. She had her husband with her (who I don’t know all that well) which would complicate things and she’s never seemed interested in being tickled. But I’m always looking for a way to broach the subject.

As it turns out, Krystal was the one who brought up tickling!

We went out for breakfast prior to the maternity shoot and during it Krystal mentioned me tickling Hannah. She saw the video (Hannah showed it to her) and Krystal thought it was pretty hilarious as did her husband.

I took this as an opportunity to continue the tickling conversation and asked if Krystal was as ticklish as Hannah. Krystal and her husband both agreed that she was just as if not more ticklish then her step-sister Hannah.

Then to my surprise Krystal’s husband says – “You should tickle her!”. He was joking, but it allowed me to freely talk about Krystal getting tickled and keep it as “just joking”.

I should add that my girlfriend is a great wingman and really helped out with getting Krystal to agree to being tickled.

When we got back to my studio I kept the playful talk up by showing Krystal and her husband the tickling shoot set-up. “This is where you’re going to get tickled.” my girlfriend said. I decided against showing the stocks, that may have been a bit too intimidating, so I went with the ankle restraints/invisible stocks instead.

A little more conversation and some teasing from her husband and Krystal agreed to try it out. Try was the key word. I agreed to stop the shoot if she was uncomfortable at anytime.
I got Krystal strapped in and told everyone to try and be quiet while I’m tickling her.

You can see Krystal’s “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” facial reactions throughout most of the shoot. Her husband was watching from the sidelines and she looks his way quite often almost as if she blames him for getting her in this position.

Krystal has wide, meaty size 10’s. Very, very soft soles and also very, very ticklish! She asked my girlfriend for tips prior to being tickled. My girlfriend told her “If you don’t laugh, he’ll get bored.” Krystal tried to take this advice and hold in the laughter early on, but it didn’t last long!

Once I find the right touch and tools Krystal is a laughing, screaming ticklish mess and it’s very fun to watch her lose her composure.

Is she as ticklish as Hannah? I’ll let you decide.

Length: 7:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Krystal Tries Tickling – Chef Hannah’s Big Step-Sister!

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