RandomSoleEncounters – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART THREE NYLON TICKLING (AND SOME BARE)

An introduction to tickling wouldn’t be complete without experiencing nylon foot tickling. I didn’t tell Mrs. Lynn that nylons usually make feet more ticklish until she was secured back into the stocks. When I tell her she says “Oh, goodness.” But I’m not sure that she actually believes me, her feet are ticklish enough as it is so they couldn’t possibly get more ticklish, could they?

Good news…nylons make her feet more ticklish and poor Mrs. Lynn realizes this very quickly! It’s almost too much for her to deal with and then at one point I use a technique that is too much for her! But more on that in a minute.

As we learned in previous parts, Mrs. Lynn has, especially ticklish heels and toes. I make sure to focus on her most ticklish spots with the tickle tools that are the most effective on her. This gets her laughing so much that she tells me her stomach hurts from it.

Halfway through the clip, I snip the toes off the nylons so I can get a mix of nylon and barefoot tickling. I use the tickling technique of inserting the electric toothbrush through the open toe of the nylons so the head of the toothbrush is right on her very ticklish heel. The great part is that the nylons hold the toothbrush in place and allow my hands to be free and tickle her other foot!

This sends Mrs. Lynn over the edge and she asks if she’s allowed to use her safeword! I guess she was unsure of the rules!

When I’m finally finished with Mrs. Lynn she has to wipe the tears from her eyes and take a deep breath in relief her tickle session is finally over! This teacher got a lesson she’ll never forget!

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

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