RealBareSoles – Poor Little Nat’s Soles in the Park!

RealBareSoles - Poor Little Nat's Soles in the Park!RealBareSoles VIP Clips RealBareSoles - Poor Little Nat's Soles in the Park!RealBareSoles VIP Clips

So I shot a public massage and tickling clip with a gorgeous little angel who goes by Natsumi — she’s not japanese, she’s a beautiful little 19 year old white otaku girl who is incredibly sweet and soft spoken, and also absolutely breathtaking. She’s a white girl so instead of calling her “Natsumi” I like to think of her as “Nat.”

She had told me her feet were extremely ticklish on the bottom. I was ready for a struggle when we got to the tickling, holding her ankles to keep them in front of the camera.

I started with her tiny track shoes up in my lap. Her face is not shown in this clip which is a shame because she literally has the face of an angel, but she was shy of anyone who rubbed one out to this ever recognizing her — lol! So her shoes are in the shot, then those little things come off revealing socks, there’s a little wiggling of her precious stocking feet, then I peel the socks off and there’s wiggling of her gorgeous tiny feet perched up on my big legs. Hahaha!

The next thing I did was tickle her because i didn’t want to desensitize her soles by touching them a lot. But I figured viewers would want to see just massaging next, so the clip is edited that way. I gently touched and caressed the sensitive little bottoms of this sweet angel’s bare feet and she just lay there happily texting away, enjoying how good it felt.

The last thing on the clip is the tickling — for me the best part!

Once I started tickling her feet definitely squirmed and there was much tiny laughter. I was holding her ankles but there wasn’t much pulling away at all.

So I tickled harder.

The volume and hysterics of the laughter went up considerably, and there was a lot of squirming, but still not much pressure to pull away. I thought to myself, have I been fooled?

Then I actually looked away from her feet, and down at her.

She’d been texting when I did the foot strip tease with her, but had apparently dropped her phone once the tickling began. She hands were up against her temples, her elbows sticking out, her back arched, her body convulsing as my fingernails scraped her soft soles. She looked like she was floating in a miasma of oversensation. I was doing deep tissue tickling because I had thought the initial tickling wasn’t doing the job, and she seemed completely paralyzed, her slight body (with voluptuous curves in all the right places!) was just quivering.

After I tickled her and went to the gentle caresses, I got a text from her. I didn’t see it until after we parted company. It said “I’ve never been tickled that much ????????” I left on sort of a high. Nat is one of the sweetest and prettiest women I’ve ever met, and to have tickled her to the brink was such a turn on ….

Length: 16:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Poor Little Nat’s Soles in the Park!

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