RealBareSoles – Shy SAKURA’S public tickling embarrassment!

RealBareSoles - Shy SAKURA'S public tickling embarrassment!RealBareSoles VIP Clips RealBareSoles - Shy SAKURA'S public tickling embarrassment!RealBareSoles VIP Clips

Shy little Japanese girl SAKURA is so cute and bashful! She’s just sitting in a chair minding her own business when you see her running shoe soles and you just HAVE to see what lies beneath! So you go over and sit right at her feet — and pull her track shoes right off her feet! She’s shocked, stunned even, but too meek to do anything but wiggle her socked feet in dismay.

And THAT makes you want to see her bare soles — very badly indeed. So now each sock has to be pulled off and if she was surprised that you took her shoes off, you can imagine how she reacts to the socks as they peel off her meaty little feet! Soon her sexy soles are bare to the world, cool air tickling across her warm fragrant sock soles. She wiggles them around for a while, often sheepishly looking at you sitting so close to her sensitive soles.

And of course THAT drives you totally wild. They’re so close, so sensitive — you just have to reach up and tickle them! So…YOU DO! Even though they start at very quick darting tickles, you can tell how sensitive, how vulnerable the soft bottoms of her bare feet are. Just look at her facial expressions! So startled! She doesn’t want anyone to hear her laughing and so she bottles it up — pure ! This delights you and your tickling of her poor helpless soles gets longer and more devilish. Eventually the tickling gets to be so excruciating and so long, even this passive little bunny can no longer bear it and gets up, takes her shoes and socks from you, hastily puts them back on, and flees the scene, her poor sensitive soles still tingling as she flees!

Length: 17:11
Resolution: 1280×720

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