Luna is a very hardworking student who prepares for her exams by carefully reading the material on her laptop. Fully immersed in the process, she doesn’t notice when her roommate Sonya enters her room. When Luna learns that she is extremely tired from studying , the girl suggests she take a break and relax a little, distracting herself with tickling. She sits next to Luna and lightly begins to tickle her sides and armpits, laughing together with her. Luna doesn’t hesitate to respond with a pillow swing , after which a playful fight ensues. After this fun, Sonya leaves Luna’s room, not with the intention of leaving her alone, but to add a little variety and make the game even more enjoyable . Returning with a rope, she literally jumps on the unsuspecting Luna and ties her up. Spread out on the bed, Luna doesn’t seem afraid, but rather anticipates what will happen next .Biting her lip slightly, she looks at her neighbor with a languid gaze, as if inviting her to begin . Well, you don’t need to repeat it twice. Sonya starts to tickle her neighbor with excitement, first with her fingers, deftly running all over the girl’s body , and then with a brush, which she runs over her bare legs and tummy, covered only with a thin cloth. Picking up the video, she tickles their ribs. With a special tickling stick, Sonya tickles the ribs and nipples of her neighbor, but soon it seems to her that this is not enough , and she takes a second one. Double the tickling and double the fun. Moving on to bare feet, Sonya moves over them with her fingers, enjoying the loud laughter of the moon . It seems that she is waiting for a moment to dig , with her thin fingers , even harder into the helpless body of the girl.

Length: 20:33
Resolution: 1920×1080


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