Sitting at home with her boyfriend , Fiddler, Kira felt incredibly bored. She tried to convince him to take her out to the city or to a movie, but he refused to agree to anything. He continued to ignore her , burying his face in his phone. Unable to stand the situation , she literally started to hang on to his neck, begging him to entertain her. Fiddler , who had a plan, immediately put it into action. A minute later, Kira found herself tied up with rope, her arms and legs restrained. Her flat tummy and sweet armpits were completely exposed and helpless. Fiddler enjoyed the sight and got down to business , taking an electric toothbrush and starting to tickle his girlfriend. He didn’t miss a single spot , paying special attention to her underarms and stomach. After having a lot of fun with the device, he decided to tickle his girlfriend according to the classic method , using his nimble fingers . This time, he was especially diligent in tickling her ribs. Kira, helpless and writhing in the ropes, didn’t know where to put herself and began to laugh very loudly. Her laughter echoed through the room, giving Fiddler great pleasure and arousing him. Unable to contain his emotions, he bit Kira’s stomach without interrupting the tickling. He used a makeup brush to passionately tickle her pierced nipples, which were clearly visible through the transparent shower curtain . Laughing continuously, Kira sometimes screamed , clearly overwhelmed by the emotions from this intense tickling. Her boyfriend, however, wasn’t satisfied and now he continued to use various interior items to tickle her, unable to stop .Seeing all the new tickling devices and having already lost her voice from uncontrollable laughter, Kira realized that the guy had not gotten enough and there was no stopping him. The fun was just beginning.

Length: 20:45
Resolution: 1920×1080


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