TheBKTickler – Mura And The Foot Stocks

Another one that the fans have been begging for. A new participant for my foot stocks.. and her name is Mura. One of the most adorable models I ever came across. And her showing up to the shoot in a onesie is DEFINITELY a plus. It’s a first for me. But let’s cut to the chase. Mura’s size 6/7 feet were a bit of challenge to tickle.. because she’s a squirmer.. oh forgot to mention.. she is VERY ticklish. And has the cutest after-laughs. Almost like one of the nerds from the REVENGE OF THE NERDS. But this laugh you can definitely tolerate. One major tools were up against her soles to make her go crazy. She slipped out the toe tie a couple of times, but I stayed on the task at hands to make sure I get every laugh out of her. Even added a little bastinado to the mix.. which she rather enjoyed. Now that it’s here.. go buy NOW!

Length: 15:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mura And The Foot Stocks

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