TheBKTickler – Mura’s Tickle Table Debut

Mura is all decked out in her onesie ready for some body tickling. Starting with the armpits, she can still feel the tickles through the onesie. Meaning her pits are VERY ticklish! My finger made her tense right her. And her laugh is too cute to hear. But the onesie wasn’t gonna save her for long. I zipped it down to expose her upper body. And next up was the tickle wands to her pits and that’s when it got too intense for her. Instant screams and bucking. The oil smothered over her body just made things even worse. Especially on her sides. Also man, does she have some ticklish nipples. But I wanted to reward her for enduring all the torment by giving her an orgasm. So I put the hitachi to work on her. She was loving every minute of it until I applied more tickling. But she was focused on cumming while she felt the tickles on her body. So that orgasm will now be a tickle-gasm. Hoe long do you think it took before she climaxed ? Find out now.

Length: 11:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mura’s Tickle Table Debut

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