TheBKTickler – Skye Stone’s Tickle Table Debut

Skye Stone is ready for be strapped to the tickle table for some full body tickling. Well sorta. Of course she’s nervous. Because she knows how ticklish is. Which I found out for myself. Got a great reaction from starting with her elbows. To her surprise, she didn’t know her elbow were even ticklish. But she damn sure knew her armpits were. A finger on each pit got her cackling. What I was wondering next was how would she react if the tickle wands made contact with her pits.imma just say the cackling got louder. It got worse when I used them on her sides. And on her belly right where her tattoo is. Which she did herself. Yes, this woman is multi talented. Next spot is where she entered tickle hell: her knees. You’ll she shocked and amused on how she hard she laughed when you purchase this.

Length: 12:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Skye Stone’s Tickle Table Debut

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