TheTickleRoom – Alice the Cosplayers Sensitive Small Feet!

Here we have the stunning 25 year old Alice and her TINY size 5 feet. She is a cosplayer and SUPER ticklish model who was super down to shoot the moment I hit her up! So I have her SOFT feet locked in the stocks but her feet are SO small they actually BARELY fit in the toe ties! This was a first but it does not stop the tickle hell! She has a squeak and a giggle that makes tickling her so fun. She is so sensitive and with her feet being so small its so easy to tickle her feet. I wont lie in this clip I use a LOT more fingers than normal because its so easy. I do break out a few tools to make her hysterical. Stunning, sweet, ticklish? This is one hell of a clip with one amazing new model!

Length: 8:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alice the Cosplayers Sensitive Small Feet!

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