TheTickleRoom – Allisons Anniversary Double Team!

Allison is one of the longest running models in The Tickle Room next to the likes of Imelda and Marylou. But she has been easily one of the most popular. She launched with one of my biggest breakout auditions. Now when Allison first shot with me she was easily one of the most ticklish and it TERRIFIED her. I was very new to all of this and she definitely freaked a little more than I had seen at the time. It was a crazy shoot but the rest is history. We became close friends and she has been a part of my life for 10 long years. In that time frame she has come in and out of the Tickle Room helping, recruiting, coming just to make me laugh, make the models laugh, and MORE. She has NEVER backed down from a shoot and been amazing. So I HAD to have her on with Christina and Chloe for this shoot.

Now for those of you who do not know about Allison she had a crazy life when I met her and was pretty lost. She hated tickling and had BAD anxiety with it. Now 10 years later she has a great career, graduated college, became a vegan, and is now a REALLY good skater. But with all that the one thing that never changed, she is STILL wildly ticklish. Its STILL bad but she is WAY better at taking it. Well lets find out how she handles Christinas and Chloe fingers? Spoiler alert, not well. The moment the ladies tickle her feet she is hysterical. Thats when Chloe wastes NO time grabbing the toothbrush. She explores her toes and feet as Christina goes for the blue brush. The best part of all of this is Allison kind of loves it. She banters with them and cracks jokes as they all grab different tools. She tries to change her safeword mid shoot. She keeps the best and most hilarious energy always and as always pulls off one amazing foot tickling shoot!

Length: 7:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Allisons Anniversary Double Team!

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