TheTickleRoom – Layla in Simple and Ticklish!

Lets go back 3 years, to when Layla FIRST entered The Tickle Room! 20 years old and her size 7 feet STOPPED the scene in its TRACKS. She made everyone swoon as she herself got exceptionally into tickling and feet. She loved every second of it and she was shooting a LOT in the beginning. I realized recently post her retirement she has a LOT of unreleased content so lets start with one of my personal favorites and her FIRST custom ‘Simple and Ticklish!’

Some fans give me customs that are super simple and so much fun. We love these in studio because they are more REAL. This is just me and the models having a good time and really exploring the basics almost of tickling! Layla at this time was not tickled out (sometimes TOO many customs at once will burn a model out. So we NOW have set times and bookings in place to prevent that but at this time we did not!) so she was SO sensitive. This clip is ALL stocks no toe ties. Layla is all giggling before we even started filming but the moment we start she is hysterical and pulling. For extra fun I tied her arms to the stocks so shes always sitting up. She is FIGHTING my hands but hysterically laughing and snorting. I go crazy with fingers and try feathers but I get a meh reaction. So I spray some oil on and this is where I GO crazy. But I use the back massager and poor Layla is ABSOLUTELY hysterical. This is a simple and SEXY as always foot tickling clip!

Length: 17:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla in Simple and Ticklish!

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