TheTickleRoom – Ambers Gagged Foot Tickle Vals Revenge

Amber DARED to complain against me? Thinking her actions are ok I capture her and now she will learn otherwise. Val is spent but when offered the chance for vengeance on such a beautiful woman she could not resist! Amber is TERRIFIED tied in with her huge feet locked into the stocks, toes tied, and her arms are posted up. She is giggling and fighting but it matters none as we don the gloves. Amber laughs and moans into her gag. So beautiful as her feet are tormented and tickled. But I want to hear her struggling more. So I get her ribs and armpits. She is hysterical laughing and fighting starting to look more and more stressed and frazzled. But we are not done.

Length: 5:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ambers Gagged Foot Tickle Vals Revenge

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