TheTickleRoom – Ambers Gagged Upperbody Hell!

Ambers feet are so much fun to tickle but lets focus mostly on her upperbody here. She is laid flat with me and Val ready to go HEAVY on her body. Val wastes NO time letting her fingers FLY on that body. Amber is FIT with her stomach and armpits turning red fast with her breath shortening but Val is NOT stopping. Val is TRYING hard to break Amber down and you see Amber fighting back her laugh trying hard not to scream and then BOOM we find the spots together and Amber is laughing hysterically. Then we swap and now Amber is HYSTERICAL unable to stop the laughing and running low on breath before I add something she NEVER expects to the mix. Raspberries. This and the fast hands are DESTROYING Ambers resolve. I have never seen her laugh to a whimper.

Length: 5:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ambers Gagged Upperbody Hell!

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