TheTickleRoom – Audrianas Revenge On Layla “ITS WORSE!!!”

Once again what everyone is calling The Tickle Room G.O.A.T has returned. So as you all know I always give the main scoop and the whole truth so here it is. Layla and me were good friends and last year she did the Neko Yano and Imelda gang tickle happy and excited. 2 weeks later I stopped hearing from her. I saw her through the grapevine but let her be. She seemingly retired and went on with a relationship that she felt could not handle tickling. I sent my love occasionally and gave updates but on her end it was silent. Well I gave up early this year and moved on to new things wishing my friend well silently. Thats 2 weeks ago I was on discord with a few friends and fans/producers. They asked me what happened and I told them. Thats when they said you never know she might still need you and the next day a friend of mine Aurora ripped herself out of an toxic relationship and told me “reach out to her she may just be nervous”. Well the next day while finishing my hearing test I decided “Fuck it” and sent out a message saying I missed her and wished her well. 1 hour later I was met with not a text but a CALL by Layla telling me not only did she really miss me and shooting but she had a woman who she felt would out do her “Audriana”. Layla was SO excited to enter the fold she brought Audriana THAT day an hour later. Now it has been almost a year since Laylas last shoot and a lot has changed. Layla now admitted to me she has gained the fetish HEAVILY. About 3 times a week she would stalk my pages watching videos, fantasize about tickling, and would dream about foot worship constantly. We have not only converted another model but this time Layla was COMPLETELY ENTRACED by tickling and foot worship she NEEDED it. So now excited after tickling Audriana, Layla is nervous and excited as we tie her up for her first tickle in almost a year.

Layla is now 21 and her size 7 feet are STILL a dream and soft as hell. This clip includes her shoe and sock removal as well as her getting toe tied! Now one of my favorite things about editing is reviewing and seeing what I CANNOT see live which is Laylas face in the background. While I tie her toes you can see her biting her lip, looking at me, and STARING at her toes. You can see the excitement, slight panic, and LOVE in her eyes. So when I told Layla that Audriana was doing the tickling she said “I want you to do it…” With a face but I told her she would have to wait so I let Audriana kick it off. She does a great job of getting Layla giggling and snorting immediately. Audriana is great at taking her time and I have never seen Layla crunch her toes as much as she does in this clip. The toe ties are LOCKED in and Layla is NOT moving as Audriana continues to get in Laylas toes and soles. Layla then gets sent over the EDGE as Audriana sucks her toes while tickling her. For Layla its been WAY to long so she giggles but for her its confusing for how horny she feels. I am nice and give her what she wants coming in for the very end and we both immediately realize. Layla is more ticklish than before!

Length: 11:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Audrianas Revenge On Layla “ITS WORSE!!!”

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