TheTickleRoom – Sapphires First Big Foot Tickle!

NEW MODELLLL…..who wont be returning lol. Sapphire is a one and down BEAUTIFUL goth girl. She is 21 years young and a NICE size 9 in shoes. She has LONG and THICK feet that are SUPER ticklish. Now I know everyone is gonna be up my butt about her returning and she WAS going to but life kinda hit her. Me and Alice are giving her space but…she loves this shoot. Sapphire was SO nervous and excited all at once that by the end she was pissed and wanted to do MORE. The MOMENT I touch Sapphires soles this AMAZING laugh comes out and she is SUPER ticklish. She loses it fast giggling and hysterically laughing fighting the toe ties. I get both hands in there and go even FASTER before getting that amazing “OH MY GOD” between laughs. I let her choose and she chooses OIL. I tell her oil makes it worse to start and goes away faster. She says it still sucks and tickles bad. EVERY. SINGLE. TOOL. Works on this girl. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. The brush, the gloves, the TOOTHBRUSH. It is ALL bad. This is one awesome clip for the foot tickle fans!

Length: 9:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sapphires First Big Foot Tickle!

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