TheTickleRoom – Taking The Curator “Collection Series”

Now starting Ani”MAY” month with our Collections Series Pt 1 “The Curator

I am the current Collector of the Visionaries. They oversee, coordinate, and reward my missions where they see fit. They allow me to keep a collection of souls for my own pleasure, their reconditioning, or imprisonment. I work alongside:

The Captivating, a beauty unrivalved, who can see the true alignment in anyone or anything. She tells me who deserves punishment and who deserves freedom.

The Curator, A storyteller whose eyes can see the webs of fate and speak change into them. She tells the story of life while seldom interfering. She gives me the knowledge to find who I need, or hide from those seeking my tools.

The Caged. A fearsome being whose presence demands those near it to feel fear and torment. It is said if it ever released from the caged bonds it is in, it will devour the world and make everyone submissive to its evil yet creative torments. The Caged has only ever appeared once and it was to take The Fox from me.

The Visionaries allow me assistance and I do what they want. Sometimes simple, yet fun. Other times hellish in nature. Sometimes I am able to be my normal self with a proper mental state yet sometimes they push my mind into rage filled dark places and I lose control. The Fox was that night. I was to capture her, simple and easy. An entity of fear and innocence in the Dark Woods. Things went as planned until they sent me into the Rage State. Unable to hold on I became feral looking for her. I caught her and realized why they did this. Her trance is enticing and she held me in it. Her feet were delcatable, her body mesmerizing. I could not hold on but I managed to in my last moments of clarity seal her away. She was mine. For months I had my way with her. Attempting to break her to make her a prime piece of my collection. I finally did and when I went to collar her forever….The cage took her. While away something happened. I was urgently called to “recapture” her near the Curators lair. When I arrived….the Curator was gone along with her books of fate. The stories were changing. I needed to move quickly. I opened her letter to me when we became close. Should anything happen “Write the stories in the pen of fate I will lend to you”

I can feel the Fox. She is different…..changing things. I fear she got the curator. I do not know how or why. But this is lost. The visionaries are not helping and its almost as if I can hear the curator laughing from the shadows…..

Length: 15:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Taking The Curator “Collection Series”

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