TheTickleRoom – Bellas Never Again Upperbody

So Bellas Feet were insanely ticklish but her upperbody? That is where its BAD. “I’m MAD ticklish” Is exactly what she says. I think her cousin Alice said it best, This girl has a HYPE laugh. It gets you READY to tickle. I am on the knees and she is LOSING it thinking shes gonna pee. I get to the stomach and its the SAME thing. She is LITERALLY howling with laughter. So I see Bella is BAD so I give her countdowns for a break to let her breath. The ladies are ALL for it. Bella is hysterical and fighting but when the tickling reaches a PEAK she is literally screaming in laughter unable to handle it. I can tell Bella is on another PLANET. Her normal tough Latina attitude is broken by this intense tickling. She is screaming and laughing and I tell her its the most NY laugh ever. I do a LITTLE bit of raspberries and poor Bella is beside herself. This shoot was SO intense she said “NEVER AGAIN am I doing upperbody make that a LIMIT” Well. After seeing some of the customs Alice has gone through, she changed her mind and Bella is BACK with upperbody on the board!

Length: 5:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bellas Never Again Upperbody

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