TheTickleRoom – Christinas Breathless Gang Tickle

So mid feet I tell the ladies….go upperbody. Anything knees up is fair game and they DO NOT hesitate. Poor Christina looks SHOCKED without a moment to breath she is already FIGHTING to get away. She FREAKS out hysterical laughing BAD to the point where she cannot even finish words. Christina is begging for a break so bad I get them to stop. I give her some time because you can see she is ALREADY gassed out. But then the girls are BACK at it. Christina this whole video is HOWLING with laughter begging for breaks left and right but we can only give so many. I give her another heft break before changing angles and getting them to properly hold her down. The finale? Is LITERALLY hell for her. It took Christina 10 minutes to even move from the bed. Belly, hips, armpits fans I got you ALL some love in this HELLISH gang tickle. I am SO proud of all 3 of these ladies for absolutely destroying this series and knocking it out of the park!

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Christinas Breathless Gang Tickle

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