TheTickleRoom – Laylas Belly Fun!

Here is an oldie I never realized I did not release with Layla! I remember this going crazy on twitter because EVERYONE wanted to see this clip….well better late than never :D. So Layla is super ticklish but a lot of people REALLY under estimate HOW ticklish her stomach is. So in this clip we are going HARD on the tummy and belly button. So we open with one INTERESTING convo of Layla asking if the person who got this video wants to cum in her belly button. She was very horny and excited about it since she likes the belly button stuff. When I tell her I am going to her make out with her belly she becomes a giggling nervous mess. I get DEEP in her belly button and shes already cackling and losing it turning into a tomato of laughter. I switch up to her belly a bit and shes giggling as I get the first licks into her belly button and sides and SNORT she is a piggy laughing and gasping unable to control her emotions! She is getting a TAD to horny so toothbrush time! She LOSES it on this hysterical laughing and her glasses actually fly off. Well its zoom in time. My saliva is ALL over her tummy and I get you peeps NICE and close on the action. I use the massage bath brush on her wet tummy and she is HYSTERICAL. This clip is ALL belly and ALL laughs for The Tickle Room favorite….Layla!

Length: 17:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laylas Belly Fun!

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