TheTickleRoom – Mona Loveless Audition Pt 2 “NOT THE ARMPITS!!!”

Mona is one of the SEXIEST models on my roster now. Her sexy size 9 feet just got a nice intense tickle but its time for the upperbody!!! Now I know Mona is ticklish up there but I was NOT ready for HOW ticklish she is. Now as a domme normally she rarely does switch but likes it in certain situations and here she REALLY does love and hate it. Its ABSOLUTE torment the MOMENT I touch her stomach. She SCREAMS and HOWLS with laughter as I quickly tickle her sides an OBVIOUS weak point for her. I add a LOT of aloe and this makes it ASTRONOMICALLY worse. Her ribs make her SCREAM to the point where I have to actually make her bite down on a strap because of how loud she is! Then I go “Armpits?” and she SCREAMS At me “NO!!!!”. Poor Mona is so sensitive that everytime my hand even goes NEAR her she is SCREAMING. The moment I touch armpits she is SCREAMING and LOSING it. This is one INSANE tickling with Mona and her upper body is just 35/10 ticklish!!!!

Length: 15:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mona Loveless Audition Pt 2 “NOT THE ARMPITS!!!”

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