TheTickleRoom – Mercedes The Deceiver “You’re Feet Are So Sexy!!!” UNCUT

So here is one of those ‘I was wrong clips’ lol. So when Vanessa came to get tickled she brought a friend…..Mercedes. Mercedes watched Vanessa get laughing but said she was NOT down to get tickled. Vanessa begged her to try but Mercedes said hell no. That was until she watched Vanessa and then decided……’I wanna fucking do this’. Which made ME excited because when she removed her socks she had SEXY and SUPER SOFT feet. It was amazing. Well I tested her but since I was tired (it was like 1am btw) I declared her not ticklish. I look at the video now and realize I am an idiot and was barely trying (forgive me tickle gods!). Well the next day I did a photo shoot with Vanessa and Mercedes was there with PAINTED TOES. I was very sad. I just kept thinking damn if only she was ticklish. Thats when Vanessa goes ‘she is ticklish dude, she told me last night she held it in because she was nervous’. So Mercedes decided to do a sexy styled shoot and while this is going on Vanessa winks at me and ATTACKS poor Mercedes. All my premium fans got a lovely video of that ;).

BUT NOW I could see she was ACTUALLY ticklish. So now I had to get her back for hiding her sensitive body from me! So we get her back and Vanessa is smiling ready to see Mercedes take a turn at Tickle Mercedes is 19 years old with THE MOST AMAZING Size 5 1/2 feet. Literally they are amazing. So I tickle this girl literally EVERYWHERE. From fingers to brushes to LICKLING and PUSSY TICKLING. We go EVERYWHERE where even Vanessa joins in double teaming her bestie with me. This is one SEXY ass video. As me and Vanessa double team her I eventually move up and give her an orgasm as I tickle her and she holds on to me and the stocks. Check it out and grab Mercedes customs!

Length: 44:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mercedes The Deceiver “You’re Feet Are So Sexy!!!” UNCUT

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