TheTickleRoom – Veronicas Upperbody Meltdown!

This is by far one of the MOST intense upperbody clips I have EVER done. So Veronica was ticklish on her upperbody and lost it for a while. Then she started HEAVILY competing in body swimsuit competitions. So Tightening her body, training, sweating and retraining her skin HEAVILY. She gets WAY worse. Lets add the element of a gag and blindfold. So Christina is my on care model and assistant for this one since its so intense. With Veronica tensing so heavy I use a LOT of finger movement and not finger digging or muscle movement to tickle her. This works REALLY well. Veronica is TIED and cannot stop me. She is NOT getting out of the bondage and this bed has her STRETCHED. Do not get me wrong she TRIES to fight but me on her legs and how tight the bondage is she literally screams and fights her mask off. Now I cannot keep her FULLY gagged and tied on her face because I am GENUIENLY afraid she will throw up or choke because she LOSES it tickling wise and we tried before and she really holds it in place with her mouth and face but if its tight she will almost puke. I end this clip with me and Christina tag teaming her ribs and armpits and Veronica, is inconsolable. Now Veronica normally cries but this? This was a new cry. She let out a LOT of stress and was hysterical. We turn the lights off and I give her a HUGE hug. Christina hugs and caresses’ her as well. She drinks her water and winds down. I know a lot of the time in the industry we show the tears and then say ‘oh ya then I sucked her toes as after care’ to keep up this appearance of breaking the model but this is true aftercare. A lot of the models end up as almost like a family to each other and me. So me and Christina show love and then cut the camera to relax with her a bit after. Veronica is a CHAMP but even champs break. Worry not. Veronica was so happy after she went on to do the Catwoman shoot and cannot wait to see the girls again. She LOVED it all but said she had a lot going on in life that the tickling just ripped out but the hugs and exhaustion after made her genuinely happy and fulfilled.

Length: 12:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Upperbody Meltdown!

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