TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – La rivincita della malintenzionata – The revenge of the malicious

Ammalia is at home when there is a knock on her door, she is very suspicious because after the latest developments she fears that the organization may attack her and therefore has barricaded herself in her apartment. She opens the door and finds herself in front of a shy girl, Stella. The girl tells her that her car doesn’t start, she’s not from the area, but she’s here to spend the holidays with her parents, even the phone has abandoned her and she doesn’t know how to contact them. Ammalia lets her in, but as soon as she is behind her, she attacks her by shutting her mouth and telling her that she knows perfectly who she is and what she wants from her. Stella finds herself tied hand and foot to the dining room table. She wears only underwear and cannot free herself from those knots that keep her face down and at the mercy of Ammalia. The woman begins to question her, she says that she doesn’t attack such a stupid excuse, she knows that she is part of the organization and now she wants the names, the instigators, she wants to make them all pay, but first and foremost her. And so he starts tickling her to make her give in. Stella begs her to stop, she squirms trying to avoid being tickled by Ammalia, but she can do nothing against those strings and so she cries with laughter while Ammalia tickles her everywhere, on the sides, along the armpits and above all on the soles of the feet. Seeing that the girl doesn’t speak, but keeps saying that she doesn’t know anything, that she didn’t lie to her and that she doesn’t know anything about this organization, she decides to take some massage oil and sprinkles Stella’s feet with it, then she blindfolds her and continues to tickle her also using electric toothbrushes, feathers and many other tools to make that tickle as intolerable as possible. Stella can’t take it anymore, but continues to plead innocent, says she’s really there for the holidays and that she works for a PC company, a job she hates. Ammalia is unable to make her confess in any way, she continues to tickle her, but the girl always repeats the same story, so the woman ends up believing her and unties her. She tells her that if she wants she can quit that job she hates and work for her, but first she’ll have to learn to tickle as well as she does!

Length: 33:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

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