TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Raspberry tickling! #16

Eleonore and Ammalia are two roommates, very close and bff, this afternoon they would have planned an outing with other friends, but only Eleonore seems willing to join them, Ammalia prefers to stay on the sofa and watch TV, but her friend doesn’t accept it… after telling her several times to get up and get ready, she decides to oblige her with an infallible metod: tickling! Ammalia really can’t stand it and immediately starts squirming and laughing out loud while Eleonore tickles her everywhere, but the brunette doesn’t take long to react by tickling her friend in turn. In no time, the two chase each other around the room entwining each other to discover the weak points and tickle right there! Ammalia also uses raspberry tickling on Eleonore’s stomach and this seems to really put her friend in crisis who decides to do the same as soon as she manages to put her lips on Ammalia’s abdomen. Tickling is no holds barred and the whole body is traversed by hands, fingers and mouths to tickle as much as possible… in short, the two will end up exhausted, sweaty side by side, but who will have the upper hand?

Length: 11:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Raspberry tickling! #16

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