TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Le scarpe adatte al solletico – The perfect tickling shoes

Pamela is relaxing on the sofa, she is lying down and wearing a tight dress and sheer pantyhose, her feet are wearing her black leather pumps. When Manguito approaches her, the girl immediately notices Pamela’s beautiful feet and the cleavage protruding from the sofa, so without hesitation she begins to tickle the arch of her foot by inserting her fingers between the foot and the shoe. Pamela is ticklish and asks her to stop, but Manguito can’t resist, Pamela’s feet are irresistible and she loves to see her squirm as she tickles her, so she resumes moving her hands between foot and shoe, along one and the other feet. Pamela squirms and laughs, unable to restrain herself. The two will continue for so long, will it really be a pain for Pamela or basically does she like getting tickled?

Length: 25:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Le scarpe adatte al solletico – The perfect tickling shoes

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