TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Tickling surprise per Lili Bayle

Lili and Stella are in the middle of a heated discussion in the office: Stella has realized that some procedures have not been carried out carefully and there is the possibility of a serious budget error. Something that would lead to a devastating loss for the company’s turnover. Lili admits that she is responsible for it, she realized several days late and could not fix it. Stella is pissed off at her and is bullshitting her. In the meantime, Numa enters the room and sneaks under the desk without being seen, where she starts tickling the feet of her colleague, Lili. She tickles her more and more tightly and incessantly moving her fingers between the sole of the foot and the shoe. Lili laughs and can’t figure out what it is, but she can’t distract herself now that her boss is scolding her. Stella realizes it and gets pissed, tells her to stay serious, but Lili holds back the tears and continues to laugh at Numa’s tickle. Soon Stella notices this and orders Numa out of there, sits both girls on the sofa and orders Numa to continue tickling Lili. Now there are two of them tickling the feet of the girl who laughs with tears in her eyes since how irresistible that punishment is. Stella then takes Numa’s feet and with Lili’s complicity decides to punish her in the same way: Lili and Stella each grab a foot and start tickling it while Numa gets desperate and laughs demonstrating very little resistance to tickling!
Finally, Stella and Numa will give Lili a massage, here the girls are completely relaxed and laugh while enjoying this ‘off-set’ moment

Length: 24:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling surprise per Lili Bayle

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