UKTickling – Charlie Has Fun With Natasha’s Sensitive Soles!

Charlie Monaco is one of the sexiest ticklers around and Natasha is the perfect victim, making for an extremely hot F/F scene! Wearing a cute little outfit with sheer pantyhose and heels, Natasha is tightly strapped up and totally helpless. In a tight pvc catsuit, Charlie looks phenomenal and a little mean…and her long, pointy nails make Natasha nervous, with good reason! With Natasha’s bound legs on her lap, Charlie focuses on her super-ticklish feet as she slowly teases and tickles her out of her mind. She removes her heels one at a time and runs her nails all over her sheer soles. Her tickling technique is very hot and her constant teasing, drives Natasha crazy, making her squeal and jump. She runs her nails up Natasha’s thighs, and then onto her exposed waist and upperbody too before returning to her sexy feet. She can’t resist worshiping Natasha’s sexy nylon feet and sucking on her toes as she torments her with her nails at the same time. She later rips the nylons and gives the same treatment to her bare feet too. Charlie thoroughly torments Natasha and has a lot of fun doing it. This is a long and seriously hot tickle session – if you’re a fan of Natasha you won’t want to miss this! Natasha’s always the tickle victim and rarely has a chance to get her own back but she did this time and she really let Charlie have it when the tables were turned…look out for part 2 coming soon!

Length: 17:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Charlie Has Fun With Natasha’s Sensitive Soles!

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