UKTickling – Ellie’s Nails Are Too Much For Natasha!

Gorgeous Ellie Mae is not only super-ticklish but it turns out she’s very good at tickling too…and what better victim for her first session as tickler than Natasha! Poor Natasha is in for a ride as she is cuffed down with her helpless feet raised in the high stocks. Her feet are ridiculously ticklish and Ellie’s nails soon turn her to jelly! She starts out by slowly teasing Natasha’s nylon soles through her heels, poking and running her nails inside the shoes whilst Natasha cracks up. After a few minutes of this, she removes the heels and begins her tickling her nylon soles, still slowly at first. It drives Natasha nuts however, and she’s nearly crying with laughter as Ellie’s long fingers and long nails make shapes across her soles! She gradually ramps it up, tickling Natasha out of her mind before ripping the nylons and doing the same with her bare feet too. Natasha squeals and shrieks as Ellie relentlessly teases her sexy feet until the final minutes, when she moves up her legs and then the body too! Natasha is totally hysterical as Ellie tickles her sides, armpits, neck and thighs, reaching back to tickle her feet at the same time! It’s a wild ending to a very hot F/F clip!

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ellie’s Nails Are Too Much For Natasha!

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