UKTickling – The Lost Bet Part 1 Ayla’s 8 Minutes Of Hell!

Super-ticklish cutie Ayla Sky never likes being on the receiving end but after betting on a word game, that’s exactly where she ended up! We set ourselves a challenge, and though Ayla she won the first round she got a little over-confident, challenging me to another…which she lost! As a result she must endure a forfeit: eight minutes of pure tickle punishment, of my choosing. Ayla also gets to choose my punishment afterwards (for twice as long) so I make this one count! Wearing only sheer pantyhose, Ayla is strapped to the chair with legs tightly bound for some intense, non-stop foot tickling on her sheer soles. She is soon laughing and squealing as her super-sensitive nylon feet are tickled for the first couple of minutes, before ramping things up a little! A ball gag is then added to increase the intensity – and it really does. Ayla hates being gagged because she can’t scream, and she goes absolutely nuts as her soles are really punished with fingers and the brush! She’s already in a state and looking very pissed about her situation when we take it further by blindfolding her too! Poor Ayla then spends the second half of her forfeit in a total panic as she can’t see when the tickling is coming from. Her feet get mercilessly tickled while she jerks around in the chair and tries to squeal and protest through the gag. It’s a short session but a very intense one for her…it’s a little too much at times, but she knows she’s going to get own back afterwards – and she definitely does (part 2 coming soon!)

Length: 8:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Lost Bet Part 1 Ayla’s 8 Minutes Of Hell!

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