UKTickling – Naia’s Under-Table Torment For Storm’s Sexy Feet!

Naia meets Storm and has a lot of fun with her super-ticklish feet in this hot F/F clip! The tickle table comes into play as a handcuffed Storm finds her legs trapped inside, with her helpless feet dangling dangerously close to Naia’s tickling fingers! Storm wears a sexy office outfit with sheer pantyhose and heels. Laying below her feet, Naia slowly begins teasing her nylon feet and legs with her long nails. Storm knows she’s in trouble when her heels come off and she feels Naia’s nails running across her sheer nylon soles! She tries to contain herself as Naia lightly tickles and plays with her feet before worshipping them too. She licks, sucks and nibbles on Storm’s sexy toes and soles, whilst Storm giggles and squirms. Naia loves playing with her and she’s in a mean mood as she goes between lickling and tickling, making Storm scream when attacks her toes with her nails! After punishing and devouring her nylon feet, Naia rips the pantyhose and has even more fun with her bare feet. Storm can’t cope with Naia’s sharp nails as they torment her sensitive soles. She gets a little respite as Naia worships them some more, only to find that it tickles even more! Naia is having a lot of fun and she really goes to town on her in the final minutes, nibbling her toes as she furiously tickles with her nails at the same time. All Storm can do is squeal and shriek with laughter until the end… Naia didn’t want to stop!

Length: 11:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Naia’s Under-Table Torment For Storm’s Sexy Feet!

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