UKTickling – Roxy Has To Beg For The Tickling To End!

Roxy had a lot of fun dominating and punishing me, but now the tables are turned once again as she is tickled to her limits! This hot custom sees Roxy spread on the bed, naked except for sheer stockings and heels. She is tickled without mercy until she promises to do anything to make it stop! Roxy’s nylon feet are tickled first and it’s not long before she’s struggling and going crazy. She squeals and laughs, thrashing from side-to-side and begging for a break from the start. Roxy doesn’t get much of a break in this one though as she is tickled continuously from head to foot! Her nylon feet and legs get intensely tickled but so does her hot body. Roxy’s armpits are her biggest weakness but her thighs and feet are super-ticklish too – especially when the brush comes out! The stockings are baby-oiled and then ripped for some bare foot tickling too. Roxy complains loudly, alternating between cursing and begging for it to stop. The body tickling drives her totally nuts though and Roxy has to promise something pretty special in order to make it end. She tries to hold out but when she is tickled in between her spread legs she really loses it! It’s not long before she cracks and agrees to anything in order to finally make it stop… does she deliver though? I guess we’ll never know!

Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxy Has To Beg For The Tickling To End!

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