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TheTickleRoom – Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1

One day in a town where people do not make much money a really smart fetish producer ended up stuck. Well he had a particular hobby and job he loved, to get random women to indulge in his crazy tickling fetish shoots. Well upon seeing his suit and “demeanor” the owner of a particular restaurant wanted him to feel great and spend a LOT of money. So they gave him his OWN area and a beautiful waitress to follow. Well this poor Waitress Layla had no idea how good this man worked people into his fantasies. Realizing her charisma is strong with an amazing smile the man lays down the charm. Layla is mesmerized by the man and the numbers he is throwing down. She could REALLY use that money! So upon talking to a few friends she decided to give him a shot….this would be a mistake for her poor sanity. Layla after work is led to his car to which she gets “tested”. Nervously she gets tickled on her feet with her white tights on. You can hear her hysterical giggles with her soles trying to poke through the white stockings.

Now she is in the stocks having second thoughts but there is no time as he starts removing her sneakers and socks. After a long day at work Laylas feet are SWEATY and she is NERVOUS. As he smells her soles this ALREADY sends her into giggle fits tickling her. Each inhale ignites his excitement more. He tickles her delicate soles as she howls with laughter snorting and already begging. She wants him to STOP begging him to stop saying she has changed her mind. But all he does to handle this is use tape to gag her. Now her begging is on deaf ears as she screams with laughter begging to nothing.

This clip has her keep her white stockings on the whole time but from lickling and sweat you can see her bare soles through it! We are open to actually continuing this series with bare feet if anyone wants to custom for it!

Length: 23:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1

TheTickleRoom – Layla The Waitress Torment Pt 2

Well now Layla is terrified. He tells her here is the worst part as her arms are stretched above her head. The look of terror in her eyes as he traces her inner thighs. She begs through the tape gag but he does not stop. Hysterical laughing as he uses raspberries on her stomach Layla just begs and squirms hoping for this to end. But will he let her go…..

Length: 6:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla The Waitress Torment Pt 2

TheTickleRoom – Desis First Time Pt 2 “I Didn’t Mean It”

So its time for the more intense part upperbody. Desi is NOT good with this having her safe word ready super nervous. She is talking a LOT of smack making fun of me. Nervous I start tickling her teasing her immediately. She starts “Matt YOU FUCKING BITCH, YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH”. So I decide to START with the rib trick. She is begging and breathless as I tickle her stomach and ribs. She tries to safe word but then I go harder as she calls me a bitch and goes off more so I go on her armpits. She is yelling more before I stop and she says she is sorry. It is HILARIOUS. Desi starts calling her Veronica a bitch who is tickling her feet. She wants me to stay on her feet but its not happening. Well then Veronica joins me on her armpits and Desi just LOSES it. She gets so crazy to prevent herself from biting us she bites herself. This is one upperbody video for the ages!!!

Length: 13:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Desis First Time Pt 2 “I Didn’t Mean It”

TheTickleRoom – Desis First Time Pt 1 “Cursing Laughter”

Desi is a STUNNING 24 year old friend and model of mine with SEXY size 5.5 feet. Her feet are the first locked in and now its time to REALLY tickle her. She is INSANELY ticklish and I do NOT give her a chance to relax. She just got a legit pedicure and her beautifully soft feet are WAY more sensitive. The moment I start tickling she is fighting ANGRY at me already. So Desi is one of those that gets REALLY upset when you tickle her. She starts losing it when I have not even started REALLY going. I add lotion and see if she can compose herself. She does NOT. Poor Desi is so ticklish with everything from fingers to tools. Her breathless laugh is always followed up with a “FUCK STEP-SON OF A BITCH” before she tries to breath. This is one hilarious and HIGHLY anticipated video so enjoy!

Length: 8:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Desis First Time Pt 1 “Cursing Laughter”

TheDaceyHarlot – Holly Jolly Tickle Torment

Dacey’s found herself on the Naughty List again this year! Coal doesn’t seem to get the point across so this year Dacey’s getting Tickled for Christmas. Dacey starts laying face down, nude, on her belly with her feet up as Dexter climbs up behind her and starts relentlessly tickling her bare feet. Dacey does her best to try and wiggle and squirm away but she’s pinned and laughing uncontrollably. Dexter gives her small breaks but only to switch tickle spots. From her feet to her hips all the way up her ribs and into her armpits. When Dacey tries to flip over Dexter tickles her faster then flips her back to her belly while she laughs leaving her open for a tickle attack where ever he wants.

Length: 7:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Holly Jolly Tickle Torment

TheBKTickler – Tools, claws and worship (starring gia love)

Tickling gia love to a high degree is making a good impression right ? I think so. Even though she kinda hates me right now due to all the . I decided to mix it up. Of course I was still tickling her, but I decided to add some finger claws to the party. As she sat on my tickle table, waiting to see what other tricks I have up my sleeve, that’s when the claw came out. The slightest touches with those claws had her going crazy. But she was taking it like a champ. And because of that, I wanted to reward her with some foot worship. I sucked on each of toes, just so in she can forget about all the tickling at that moment, but she knew in the back of her mind, I wasn’t done with her yet. Found out what happens since this new clip is available now.

Length: 6:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tools, claws and worship (starring gia love)

TheBKTickler – The BK Santa – full body

Mrs. Claus (played by Autumn Bodell) hasn’t learned her lesson yet. Her sexy upper body needed to get some special treatment to put her in line. Her saying she’ll bake the cookies that she was supposed to bake at the beginning with ease was not convincing.. the cookies were top priority (to me.) so she had to pay for that as I started the tickling on her armpits, which happens to be very ticklish. And my long luxurious beard was affective in unleashing some tickle punishment at the moment. But my fingers were doing the most tickle damage as I went for her midsection, and that’s when I notice I hit a sweet spot. Even Mrs. claus has a safeword. But she still needed to have her lesson learned. So between going after her belly, more foot tickling because it’s fun to tickle her feet. It’s only fair to sing a nice Xmas song since it is that time of the year…. but she’s singing it while being tickled. Whether you can understand her while trying she’s trying sing, you’ll love it regardless. Here’s more festive content to see during the holidays with such an amazing model. Available now!

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The BK Santa – full body